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PREY FOR DAY was established in 2018 (launched June 7th) as an umbrella outlet for a handful of different orphaned projects

PREY FOR DAY's vision is to create a seamless blend between the too rigid lines of gender and sexuality, paraphilia and phobias, the finely detailed and the fantastique

It's a loudspeaker with a microphone pointed towards the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised. It's a brand that caters to those seeking pieces and products which truly express their inner desires via aesthetics authentic to themselves without compromising integrity or functionality--a brand that vows to pour care and love into every handmade piece, to always source its materials from reputable and self-sustainable places, to try harder to get certain things right and do wrong things in the best way possible, 

to never stop pushing itself further than thought possible. 

PREY FOR DAY is named after the concept that the roles of hunter and prey are eternally shifting and coalescing, the outcome depending on which one makes the light shine brightest

PREY FOR DAY is a lifestyle brand for those who know what it's like to feel like death

29 year old queer artist from the gloomy Northeast living in overly sunny California. I also run a mobile bookstore named The Road Virus with my partner. Horror is my lifeblood.


based just outside of sacramento CA

we only source materials locally & sustainably & reuse as much seemingly dead and discarded matter as possible


free USPS first class in the domestic US

flat-rate for the rest of the world

upgrades are available


& patiently awaits its deconstruction

PREY FOR DAY pieces are always genderless, designed for any size, shape, or form out there



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