IMMORAL COIL nose chain
IMMORAL COIL nose chain
IMMORAL COIL nose chain
IMMORAL COIL nose chain
IMMORAL COIL nose chain
IMMORAL COIL nose chain

IMMORAL COIL nose chain

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Will you unravel the Immoral Coil, or will it unravel you? With a few different sizes to choose from, this twisting chain connects from the ear to the nose in a spiraling modified European 4-in-1 weave.

As the jumprings used are not surgical stainless steel, it is not recommended that you put them through an actual piercing hole. In the future, I may offer hypo nose rings to purchase with the chains.


There are a handful of options and combinations for both the nose and ear side closures

Jumpring - can be opened and closed around existing jewelry with fingernails or pliers (not recommended for piercing holes)
Leverback - can be put through ear piercing holes or clipped onto existing jewelry (hypoallergenic)
Lobster Clasp - can be clipped onto existing jewelry
Fishhook - can be put through ear piercing holes (hypoallergenic)

Jumpring (Nose) + Jumpring (Ear)
Jumpring (Nose) + Leverback (Ear)
Jumpring (Nose) + Lobster Clasp (Ear)
Jumpring (Nose) + Fishhook (Ear)
Lobster Clasp (Nose) + Jumpring (Ear)
Lobster Clasp (Nose) + Leverback (Ear) -
Lobster Clasp (Nose) + Lobster Clasp (Ear)
Lobster Clasp (Nose) + Fishhook (Ear)

|| SIZING ||

The model in the photo is wearing a chain measuring 8" (not including the ear-side closure); it features a nose-side jumpring and an ear-side leverback. When choosing your size, consider how you intend to wear it, if it's for everyday use or just an outfit accent, how far down you'd like it to hang, and general comfort. If you're unsure, you can use a piece of string to test different lengths. Though it may look intimidating, the chain is pretty lightweight.

The shortest I can make these to still be comfortable is 4". I don't recommend going above 10". I wear a simple, minimal 6" chain with ear/nose-side jumpring closures every day and I've found that's the most comfortable length and combination for me. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


- modified European 4-in-1 chainmaille weave
- choice of closure (nose side)
- choice of closure (ear side)

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